How does this work?

We suggest you contact us when you are ready to expand your business by moving to, or if you need help with your Amazon business. We highly suggest hiring us for a 1-2 hour assessment of your business to determine a customized plan for improving your sales and revenue. Then we will work on a project-by-project basis in order of priority and with your personal budget in mind.

We are happy to discuss your business needs and provide you with ideas of how you can improve your sales and revenue and take advantage of everything Amazon has to offer.

What exactly do you do?

We have hands-on Project Management experience for Amazon businesses (Seller Central, Vendor Express, Vendor Central), including:

  • Writing and optimizing product listings with advanced keyword research techniques. We cover all images, titles, bullets, descriptions, advanced keyword research techniques)
  • Creating and optimizing Amazon Sponsored Ads and & Advanced Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns, including Headline Ads, Product Display Ads, and Sponsored Ads.
  • Brand Registry, Enhanced Brand Content, Storefronts, Restricted Category Approval
  • Creating email follow-up series and customer care
  • Account logistics for FBM and FBA
  • Troubleshooting Amazon issues
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures and trainings

We also have more general Project Management experience in:

  • Product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Negotiation, inspection, packaging, shipping
  • Wholesaling
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Kickstarter projects
  • Customer service and email series

We are experienced in advanced keyword research strategies, but are happy to follow any strategies you prefer. Our copywriting style uses benefits to grab a potential customer’s attention and then sells them on the features, but we are also experts at writing feature-driven and keyword-packed listings.

We DO NOT use black hat methods, and stay up-to-date on Amazon’s ever-changing rules and restrictions.

How do I get started?
  1. You’ll create your Professional-level Seller Central account. (Amazon charges ~$39/month.) We’re happy to walk you through this, if you need help.
  2. Once you’ve set your account up with your business and banking information, you’ll use our email address to create User Permissions for us, which will provide us with restricted-access to your Amazon Seller Central account. We’ll guide you on what permissions we’ll need in order to accomplish your projects.PLEASE NOTE: You are the Administrator for your account and can add or revoke User Permissions any time. User Permissions is the only way Amazon workers should ever access your account. NEVER give anyone your Seller Central username and password.
  3. We’ll do what we do best!
What’s the risk?

There is no risk to you! You can hire us for a 1-2 hour assessment, and if you like our suggestions, you can hire us on a per-project basis. We don’t require contracts and don’t have minimum spend requirements.

How much do you charge?

Our hourly rate is $50/hour for expert projects, payable via Paypal. Some projects are at a lesser rate. We highly suggest hiring us for a 1-2 hour assessment of your business to determine a plan to improve your sales and revenue and grow your business. If you like what we present, then we work on a project-by-project basis in order of priority.

Do you require a retainer-fee?

We ask for a small per-project security retainer to start work (paid by Paypal), and bill clients on a weekly basis. We WILL request your approval first, if a project takes longer than we initially projected.